This Tuesday 6:00 pm on WorldMix!


This week, there's a little change to our normal format as we kick off the first 30 minutes of hour 1 with a selection of amazing Reggae tunes from all over the world. Did you know that Chinese Reggae is thriving?  Listen in to find out more...

The local government of Berlin has changed the rules on topless bathing at public swimming pools following a court case.  Now everybody can let it all out....How do you feel about that?

And if the beginning of hour 1 isn't great already, we mix it up in hour 2 with an Afrobeat special - bringing 30 minutes of smoking hot tunes too.

That, plus a plethora of musical drop-ins to a number of other great countries - all on this week's show.

It wouldn't be WorldMix without fellow presenter Dan Sweeney dropping in with a one hit wonder classic - looking back to 1992, and a hit from an UK artist from Bradford; plus in the second hour we take our torchlight and dig out two records from the dark corners of the station's record library in our '80s Fix' segment. This week it's number ones from Fern Kinney and the Goombay Dance Band.

Enjoy it this Tuesday on !